INNOTEG Roadshow at SIOC and ZUT, China

Recently INNOTEG launches a tour of roadshow around the cities of east China to introduce our general laboratory instruments — INNOTEG-ScienceOne. Shanghai and Hangzhou were the first stops.

We exhibit rotary evaporator of Vap Smart, overhead stirrer of Tor M20A, magnetic stirrer of MR1 and our pipette of Pett Vario, which are the most popular products among institutes and universities.

Lots of teachers and students come to our booth to discuss about the highlights, operations and applications, and they were impressed by the advanced technology to make the jobs easier and efficient, which makes the events successful and welcomed by our users.

November 13

Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIOC), Shanghai, China

November 21

Zhejiang University of Technology (ZUT), Hangzhou, China

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