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Sample preparation is the most important step in any analysis process, contributing directly to the final results. When the sample is contaminated or has not undergone appropriate treatment, it may damage the analyzer. Therefore, sample preparation is the fundamental work of all analysis and testing activities in general.

Since the early years of scientific research, there have been many methods used to process samples such as wet inorganic technique (wet treatment); dry inorganic technique (dry treatment); extraction techniques… Although widely used, these methods still have disadvantages such as:

    • Excessive acid or pure alkalinity, sometimes up to 10-15 times the amount of analyzed sample (for wet processing);
    • The risk of sample loss for some volatile substances without additives and protective agents (for dry processing);
    • Prolonged processing time, requiring many complex operations;
    • Open system creates the risk of samples contamination.

This has been a problem for all agencies who have to handle large amounts of samples on daily basis. Long-time analysis means declining productivity. In addition, chemical consumption is also a business factor that need to be considered. The challenge is finding solution that takes advantage of all available analytical techniques and optimizes productivity systematically. Understanding this need, INNOTEG has researched and developed the i-Master Microwave Digestion system to solve the performance problem for analytical sample preparation.

INNOTEG i-Master Microwave Digestion system works on the principle of dissolving metal into liquid form by strong acid agent and high frequency microwave energy. The sample and the acid are placed in a vessel (closed container), then heated and pressurized through microwave irradiation. These radiation cause the sample molecule to receive energy uniformly, resulting in a structure breaking from the inside out.

Once the heavy metals are in solution, they will be quantified through elemental techniques. The processing of samples by microwave method takes place in a closed system, ensuring they are not contaminated, helping to meet the accuracy of any analysis results.


Saving time: i-Master facilitates shortening of sample preparation time by up to 80% compared to traditional processing methods thanks to the integration of modern technologies and many safety features.

Saving chemical: Using high-frequency microwave energy combined with just enough acid, i-Master completes the digestion process without using too many expensive chemicals and additives. ;

Improving productivity: i-Master can handle up to 42 vessel positions at the same time to optimize working productivity. Simple operation and smart touch screen help the process always go smoothly.


  • Highest double-magnetron microwave in the market: 2400W @ 2450Hz
  • The ability to heat up to 300°C and pressures up to 15Mpa
  • Furnace material: 316L stainless steel frame with 06 PFA coatings
  • Vessel material: high-pressure withstand design with PEEK outer coating and inner TFM coating
  • Monitor pressure temperature in real time by non-contact mid-infrared penetration technology
  • Programmable capabilities of up to 256 methods and more than 10 active safety features

i-Master Microwave has been used for many laboratories around the world. Highest double-magnetron microwave energy, advanced monitoring technology and multiple safety features make the instrument a perfect solution for any commercial laboratory or testing center.

Find out more about the instrument in here. Contact us today for more details about the product and quotation.

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