EasySyn-12 Parallel Synthesizer

The EasySyn-12 Parallel Synthesizer is an efficient synthesis station used for parallel solution-phase chemistry and solid-support reagent synthesis. It fits on the INNOTEG WM-1 magnetic stirrer and allows for simultaneous heating of up to 12 reactions from room temperature to 180°C with an accuracy of ±1°C. Higher precision can be achieved through the use of the WM-1’s Pt1000 temperature sensor.
The Pt1000 temperature sensor allows users to control based on either block temperature or solution temperature. The temperature sensor can be inserted into the aluminum base or directly into the reaction solution through the lid.


  • Multi-position reactions, up to 12 positions, reaction volume: 1ml to 20ml
  • Powerful and uniform stirring at 50-2000 rpm
  • Fast heating up to 180°C
  • Quick setup and easy-to-use
  • Clear observation window for easy viewing of tube contents during the experiment
  • Removable water-cooled reflux inlet and outlet
  • Reactor can be used in an inert gas environment
  • Fluoropolymer coating for chemical resistance and easy cleaning
  • PTFE cap with unique 1/4″ quick thread for quick connection to glass tubes, reducing the effort required for screwing on the cap
  • Removable, allowing all reaction tubes to be removed simultaneously for transfer to a stand or for rapid post-synthesis cooling