Laboratory Refrigerated Circulator TCS-3

INNOTEG TCS-3 Laboratory Refrigerated Circulator, fully made of stainless steel and suitable for rotary evaporator, polarimeter, electrophoresis apparatus and continuous flow analyzer, is your economic choice for reliable operation in laboratory.


  • Small footprint
  • Sufficient power
  • Intelligent adjustment


  • Excellent Temperature Control: TCS-3 offer proportional cooling control to ensure energy saving performance
  • Efficient Circulation Mode: pressure suction pump is used to reduce the frequency of maintenance, long life time and no limitation of circulator location.
  • Ease of Control: temperature and flow rate can be controlled separately. Liquid level can be monitored by bath level indicator located at right hand side of circulator
  • Safe and Protective Design:
    • Automatic pressure control provides stable pressure to connected equipment
    • Water-proof and soft touch control panel
    • LED display
    • Memorize the previous setting
  • Flexibility: Heater as option to provide high temperature circulation


Temperature Range – 20 °C~RT
Temperature Stability ± 0.3 K
Display Mode LED
Temperature Sensor Pt 100
Pump Type Pressure / Suction
Pump Pressure 0.2/0.1 bar
Maximum Flow 12 L/min
Connection Interface 8 mm
Bath Volume 5 L
Cooling Power 0.45 KW(10 °C)/0.48 KW(20 °C)
Overflow Protection Yes
Input Power 320 W
Dimensions 222 x 480 x 495 mm
Weight 25 kg