i-MEZ Microwave Digestion System

Microwave digestion technology is to use microwave penetration and activation to heat reagents and samples in sealed vessels, which can increase pressure and temperature, thus greatly improve reaction rate.

INNOTEG i-MEZ can monitor temperature and pressure of all samples in vessels by the advanced non-contact technology to enhance safety of digestion process. It also ensure uniformity which cannot be guaranteed when using single point temperature and pressure measuring in conventional microwave digestion systems.


Intelligent Control: touch screen displays temperature and pressure curves in real time.

Safety: fiber optics sensor accurately monitors temperature in vessels without causing any microwave leakage.

Good Price-Performance: uniform digestion vessel design allow easy rotor upgrading and reduces upgrading cost.


  • Optical fiber for temperature measurement and non-contact pressure monitor
  • Anticorrosive furnace with multi-coated PFA inside
  • Compatible with 8/10-position rotor
  • Full touch screen of real-time display of pressure and temperature curve
  • Initiatively combine fiber optics temperature measuring system with pressure monitor system to ensure the accuracy
  • Automatic quantitative pressure-releasing function to ensure safety of the digestion process
  • Automatic recognition of 8/10-position rotor, easy to update and reduce cost


Power 0-1800W (adjustable)
Frequency 2450 MHz
Material of Furnace Chamber Cylindrical furnace chamber with mult-layer PFA coated
Volume of Furnace Chamber 66L
Volume of Sample 100ml
Number of Vessels 8/10
Automatic Recognition Automatic recognition of 8/10 vessel rotor
Sample Input Mode Front
Measuring Range of Temperature RT-305°C (±0.1°C)
Measuring Range of Pressure 0-11MPa (±0.01 MPa)
Pressure Release Automatic
Material of Vessels PEEK outside, TFM inside
Maximum Working Pressure 6.4 MPa (± 0.05 MPa), maximum ≥ 15MPa
Maximum Working Temperature 255°C, maximum ≥ 300°C
Working Mode Options 256 methods with 10 digestion steps each
Safety Level 10 active and passive safety features
Intelligent Control Yes