EasyPrep MP Medium-Pressure

Rapid Preparative Chromatography System

The INNOTEG EasyPrep system is a fast purification preparative chromatography system that integrates the functions of pumps, detectors, and collectors into one. It enables the separation, detection, and collection of compounds. We use mature industrial components and provide fully automatic workstation control, which aligns with the daily practices of chemical operators.


  • Solvent Channel:2/4
  • Utilizes high-precision metering pumps, resistant to solvent corrosion, long lifespan, and high accuracy
  • Supports column drying; chromatographic columns can be dried after experiments are completed
  • Compatible with 4g-800g Normal and Reverse Phase Columns
  • Operates in fully automated mode, simply input the corresponding method parameters, and the system automatically switches gradient ratios, performs analysis, and collects samples
  • Supports online addition and modification of gradients, allows manual dragging of gradient curves, and enables online modification of flow rate
  • Supports various modes such as full collection, peak collection, and time-based collection, with real-time peak-to-tube correspondence
  • Equipped with a 12.1-inch large screen display and touchscreen operation


  • Organic synthesis
  • Drug synthesis
  • Lead compound screening
  • Life science
  • Biotechnology
  • Plant chemistry

Flash Columns

Multiple specifications of Flash C18 columns, Flash Silica columns, Flash C8 columns, Flash HILIC columns, and Flash AQ C18 columns are available for selection.
For more separation and purification columns and packing materials, please contact us.