Needle Trap Device & Sampling Case

The Sampling Case gas sampler is a portable automatic sampling device for VOCs sample collection, combined with Needle trap dynamic capture needle technology or thermal adsorption tube, for VOCs analysis of volatile organic compounds.
Users can automatically collect gas samples by setting the sampling volume and sampling flow rate. The gas sampler is connected to the Needle trap dynamic capture needle, and the sampler automatically collects the volatile organic compounds in the gas sample into the dynamic capture needle or thermal desorption tube. Applied to environmental, food, plants, clinical respiratory and other different industries VOCs sampling, not only can be used for on-site sampling and clinical sampling, but also portable to the field sampling.

Sampling cases are devices to sample gas organic compounds on solid sorbents. Enrichment can be carried out, using for Needle Traps or thermal desorption tubes. You just need to set the The quality of a VOC analysis is determined by the sampling.
Sampling Case is available for using the powerful needle trap method or thermal desorption tubes, which you can take the VOC samples reliably even you are on the move.


  • Portable design for sampling analysis directly on site.
  • The SC-B case is optimized for taking breath sample. It’s equipped with a CO2 sensor, which can detect the alveolar breath-gas.
  • Time saving since onsite analysis is possible.
  • Low-maintenance, robust equipment.
  • Easy to handle and low operating costs.
  • Optional model: SC-XS,SC-S,SC-L,SC-XL,SC-B
  • Multiple sampling scenarios, including ambient air sampling, static HS-NT sampling, Passive HS-NT sampling, Dynamic HS-NT sampling, Breath sampling.

Strong features for your field use

  • Adjustable sample volume: 10 mL ‒ 10 L
  • Electronic mass flow meter (MFC), sample flow: 1‒ 50ml/min(SC-S,SC-L,SC-XL); 1‒ 250 ml/min(SC-XS); 1‒ 250 ml/min(SC-B)
  • Li-ion battery:2*24 V DC 3.2 Ah, 100-230V AC charging station
  • LCD display controller and Membrane vacuum pump
  • Weight:8-11kg,Dimensions:470*357*176mm


Human and animal breath  |  Plant metabolism  |  Insects VOCs  |  Food flavor  |  Fire accelerants (police)

Ambient and indoor air sampling  |  Leather smell, car interior