Refrigerated & Heating Circulator TCS-2

INNOTEG TCS-2 is widely use in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metallurgy, petrochemical industries. It provides a precise, source of temperature control for research institutes, universities, laboratories, QC labs. The intelligent design requires no screw or tool to operate, make it easy for install and maintenance.


  • High performance
  • Multi functional
  • Cost saving


Anti bumper corner design, avoid damage during moving or shipping of the unit.

Independent heating/cooling symbol, indicating the heating/cooling status.

Clear display of temperature, time and other parameters.

Sound and light alarm indicators of coolant low level warning, avoid overheating and safety protection.

Large size of heating/cooling tank, even temperature throughout the tank.

Equipped with Pt 100 temperature feedback control. Alarm is triggered when it is 3°C deviated from the pre-set temperature.


Temperature Range – 20°C ~ 100°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.05 (25°C, use water or alcohol as media)
Display Accuracy 0.1°C
Cooling Power 0.470 kW @ 20°C
Tank volume 10 L
Tank size 215×170×150 (mm)
Circulation mode Internal and external
Pump flow rate 8 L/min
Temperature control PID
Temperature sensor Pt 100
Cooling Compressor
Voltage 220VAC ±10%, 50Hz
Power 2 kW