Chromatography General Supplies – Syringe Filters

Syringe filters are single-use, membrane-based devices used for the removal of particulate impurities from liquid and gas samples prior to analysis by methods such as HPLC, ion chromatography, gas chromatography, ICP, and dissolution testing. Proper filtration of samples improves the quality and consistency of analytical results and decreases instrument downtime. Disposable syringe filters are commonly used for general filtration and sample purification, provide a fast and efficient filtering.

Syringe filters are categorized by two essential characteristics – membrane and filter housing. Both characteristics must be compatible with the application and solution being filtered. Syringe filter membranes are matched by composition, filter diameter, and pore size, while syringe filter housings are matched to end applications based on composition and format.

Key Features

  • Uniform Pore Size of Membrane Filter
  • Outstanding Flow Rate & Throughput
  • Low Extractables & Background
  • Perfect match with Syringe, no leakage

Choice of Membrane Materials

Material Characteristic pH range
PES Hydrophilic membrane, low protein adsorption rate, low dissolution, used for the removal of fine particles, bacteria, viruses, fungi in aqueous solution. 3 – 12
MCE Hydrophilic membrane, low protein adsorption, suitable for filtration of biological products, such as protein solution filtration, microbial analysis, particle removal and clarification. 3.5 – 8
Nylon High mechanical strength, suitable for filtration of most organic solvents and aqueous solutions, such as semiconductor industry water filtration, tissue media filtration, filtration of liquid medicine, beverage filtration, filtration of high purity chemical products. 3 – 14
PVDF Natural hydrophobic, excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance, low dissolution, low protein adsorption, but cannot tolerate acetone, DMSO, THF and other solvents, suitable for gas filtration, corrosive liquid filtration, polar solvent filtration, biological field of aseptic filtration. 2 – 13
Hydrophobic PTFE The widest solvent compatibility, excellent particle retention performance, suitable for liquid and gas filtration. 1 – 14
Hydrophilic PTFE The widest range of chemical tolerance, excellent particle retention properties, suitable for filtration of aqueous solutions containing strong acids, strong bases, and organic mixtures containing acid and base. 1 – 14

Ordering Guide of Syringe Filter

Part No. Membrane Material Specification Packaging
51-0001 Water-phase PES 13mm x 0.22μm 100/PK
51-0002 Water-phase PES 13mm x 0.45μm 100/PK
51-0003 Water-phase PES 25mm x 0.22μm 100/PK
51-0004 Water-phase PES 25mm x 0.45μm 100/PK
51-0014 MCE Mixed Cellulose 13mm x 0.22μm 100/PK
51-0015 MCE Mixed Cellulose 13mm x 0.45μm 100/PK
51-0016 MCE Mixed Cellulose 25mm x 0.22μm 100/PK
51-0017 MCE Mixed Cellulose 25mm x 0.45μm 100/PK
51-0022 Organic-phase Nylon 13mm x 0.22μm 100/PK
51-0023 Organic-phase Nylon 13mm x 0.45μm 100/PK
51-0024 Organic-phase Nylon 25mm x 0.22μm 100/PK
51-0025 Organic-phase Nylon 25mm x 0.45μm 100/PK
51-0050 Hydrophobic PVDF Polyvinylidene Fluoride 13mm x 0.22μm 100/PK
51-0051 Hydrophobic PVDF Polyvinylidene Fluoride 13mm x 0.45μm 100/PK
51-0052 Hydrophobic PVDF Polyvinylidene Fluoride 25mm x 0.22μm 100/PK
51-0053 Hydrophobic PVDF Polyvinylidene Fluoride 25mm x 0.45μm 100/PK
51-0034 Hydrophobic PTFE 13mm x 0.22μm 100/PK
51-0035 Hydrophobic PTFE 13mm x 0.45μm 100/PK
51-0036 Hydrophobic PTFE 25mm x 0.22μm 100/PK
51-0037 Hydrophobic PTFE 25mm x 0.45μm 100/PK
51-0042 Hydrophilic PTFE 13mm x 0.22μm 100/PK
51-0043 Hydrophilic PTFE 13mm x 0.45μm 100/PK
51-0044 Hydrophilic PTFE 25mm x 0.22μm 100/PK
51-0045 Hydrophilic PTFE 25mm x 0.45μm 100/PK